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As a natural weight loss specialist located in Frederick, Maryland, you might not expect me to say that most diets don’t work for weight loss. Every year hundreds of books are written on diets and every year new promises are made for weight loss.  In most cases they miss the point on how the body works and simply focus on calories in and calories out rather than focusing on the quality of the food which will create lasting results through a natural weight loss plan. These fad diets in most cases are so restrictive most people stop the diet before they have even finished the book. These plans for weight loss don’t focus on the whole person but rather just attempt to restrict calories which in most cases causes weight gain. They also don’t address the very common hormone imbalances, food sensitivities most people have,nutrient deficiencies & quality of calories, all of  which may lead to weight gain and lack of energy.

Since we are all different and a variety of factors go into causing weight gain there are many factors to be taken into account in creating a weight loss plan, customized for each client. I will create a custom weight loss program for you that doesn’t focus on weight loss but on healthy eating & lifestyle. We will focus on naturally balancing your hormones and addressing any possible food sensitivities for efficient and effective weight loss program.  This new eating plan will be free of restrictions and full of healthy and tasty meals that will be easy and quick to prepare. The result of this new way of eating will provide you with more energy, clearer thinking, less aches/pains and even weight loss. There’s no counting points or calories and it’s not something you do for a couple of weeks, but a change in the way you will eat for the rest of your life.

Balancing all the systems in the body naturally and easily will kick start your metabolism to be a fat burning machine with increased energy and vitality. Why not simply reach your healthy weight naturally rather restricting yourself with a fad diet that requires counting calories and points. These fad weight loss programs usually make you buy their expensive “food” which lacks nutrients and is full of chemicals and additives. You may loose a pound or two initially but you will not be making yourself healthier with these processed foods.

The frozen meals promising weight loss  found in most mainstream grocery stores once again miss the point of a natural weight loss plan in a similar fashion as the fad diets. The “frozen diet” approach maybe even worse as they are loaded with additives & chemicals and lack the vital nutrients the body needs. Ironically eating  the “frozen diet” will cause weight gain in 2 ways. First the additives and chemicals will disrupt hormones leading to weight gain and then the lack of nutrients will starve the body causing you to over eat.

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