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I’ve suffered from heart burn and have had to take acid blocking medication for many years. They did provide some relief, but I started reading about all the potential serious side effects. Roman provided an eye opening education that helped me change my diet. As a result of these changes, I am free of heartburn & no longer need acid blocking medication. As a bonus, he helped me kick the coffee habit which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. My energy is through the roof and I no longer have to rely on coffee for energy. Roman was really great to work with and I really saw results! *

Leo R.

I went to Roman in May to get help for weight management and suggestions for healthier eating.  I was drinking lots of soda and eating too much fast food, which was causing me to steadily gain weight and have low energy levels. Roman is a great resource for health and nutrition information.  He identified things that needed to change and all of the information he provided helped me achieve a healthier lifestyle. The simple plan he provided has helped me have more energy and loose 45 lbs (down 4 inches in pants sizes, 3 shirt sizes) in 5 months. *

Thomas W.

We went to Roman to get help with our daughter’s anxiety issues and lack of energy. Roman educated us on creating a simple plan to help manage our daughter’s anxiety through nutrition and exercise. Eating the right foods and avoiding foods that increased her anxiety have helped her to be a much happier and more active child. She is currently doing great in school, in an advanced math program. With the supervision of her Doctor she is now off all of her prescribed anxiety medications, and following Roman’s nutrition plan to manage her anxiety. *

Margaux W.

I have read a lot on natural, healthy eating, vitamins, etc. Much of the information you find on the internet is contradictory or is very biased. After listening to me describe my issues, Roman was able to summarize the information and provide guidance on healthier eating and vitamins. I would definitely recommend Harmony Wellness. *

Brian B.

Had a few excellent and eye opening sessions with Roman. He’s very knowledgable and patient. I’d had a few issues that I’d been dealing with for several years, and without getting too specific, he had some great ideas. Also, he’s a nice guy. Totally worth it, highly recommended. *

Tom V.

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