Maryland Dietary & Nutrition Counseling Services in Frederick

We all have unique characteristics which means that we all need an individualized dietary and nutrition plan. Roman has the knowledge of nutrition to assist and educate you on how to create a customized plan for you to thrive and be well.

Roman’s dietary & nutrition counseling services address a variety of health topics, mental & physical health, and weight loss along with dietary & nutritional support. In some cases nutritional support may include any of the following – dietary adjustments, vitamins, professional quality nutritional supplements, or herbs to achieve your health goals.

During our dietary and nutrition counseling sessions Roman will create a custom plan that will be easy to follow and include healthy and delicious meals and possibly vitamins, professional supplements, and herbs. Rather than creating an unrealistic and restrictive plan that will not last, he will teach you on how to thrive while following a plan that is free of denial and restrictions that will help to achieve your health & wellness goals. Healthy foods don’t have to take a long time to prepare with expensive ingredients that taste like cardboard. Roman will teach you how to prepare delicious, nutritious, and quick meals that you & your family will love. 

Roman has studied all the major dietary theories from vegan to paleo and everything in between. He can create a custom dietary and nutritional program based on your individual needs and taste. He will provide impartial information about diet and nutrition that will make you healthy and happy. He has read through much of the current research on diets and nutrition and goes past the headlines, which is all most people see in the news. It’s a very complex system with lots of conflicting information. That’s why a good dietary and nutrition counseling can help you navigate & process all the information that may be helpful to you.

Our food supply has been hijacked by chemical companies who produce highly addictive “food” full of chemicals, additives, preservatives, artificial flavoring and sweeteners. They have managed to remove the most important parts of the food, the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is creating chronic diseases and illness.

Frederick Dietary & Nutrition Counseling Services

Nutrition and diet is simply absent from our healthcare system as doctors are not taught how to use food as medicine.  Drugs and procedures can only manage the symptoms but as researchers have documented for the last 50 years, not only can the right diet stop the progression of many disease but in most cases reverse them and heal the body. There’s no pill that can do that. Healthy food and good nutrition is simply the best and cheapest medicine or the wrong food is a slow poison. The body is designed to heal itself as long as it has all the necessary nutrients but it will never heal with the wrong “food”. Food is not just calories, its information that contains instructions that are carried to our genes, hormones, immune system, microbiome, and other parts of the body. Health results from the quality of the information we put into our bodies.

Change is not always easy as food is very addictive so during our nutrition counseling sessions we can develop a plan that is easy to follow and manageable to meet your health goals.

Please contact me for additional information about our nutrition counseling services or requesting an appointment to take the first step to achieve your health and wellness goals.

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