Frederick Herbalist

Roman  has studied herbal medicine from around the world & can share with you his extensive knowledge on a variety of herbs to help create balance and harmony. He has almost completed the Natural Healing Institute program to become a certified clinical master herbalist.

As a qualified Maryland herbalist based in Frederick, he can provide information on herbs that balance every system in the body including the immune system, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, liver, kidneys, brain, adrenals, hormones, etc. There have been hundreds of studies conducted which have demonstrated that there are positive benefits in using herbs for mental & physical health. 

Herbalists in every culture around the world for thousands of years have been using plants for balancing the body for mental & physical health. Herbs address the root cause of the imbalances in the body rather than just addressing the symptoms. Thankfully mother nature has given us hundreds of plants and herbs to be used for balancing the body and all its systems.

Please contact me for additional information about our herbalism services or requesting an appointment to take the first step to achieve your health and wellness goals.