Frederick Nutrition Counseling Services

Roman Grinev is a Board Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) and offers nutrition counseling services in Frederick, Maryland. His nutrition and wellness counseling is available to individuals and organizations throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. He focuses on the whole person to create a comprehensive plan to achieve your health goals by restoring the body’s natural balance using diet, nutrition, vitamins, professional quality nutritional supplements, and herbs for optimum health and vitality.

His dietary & nutrition counseling services address a variety of health topics, mental & physical health, and weight loss along with dietary & nutritional support. In some cases nutritional support may include any of the following – dietary adjustments, vitamins, professional quality nutritional supplements, or herbs to achieve your health goals.

His client centered approach provides you with the self help tools, education, and resources for meeting your mental and physical health goals. You’ll work towards balancing all of your bodies systems, identifying the root cause and not merely managing symptoms.

While the standard nutritionist model uses nutrition to manage symptoms, he has extensively studied the functional nutritional approach which focuses on the root cause and balancing the body. His focus is not on diseases and ailments, which are negative terms but rather focus on good health and educating you on how to balance all your bodily systems to work in harmony. Since we are not made up of different compartments but rather a whole system its important to balance all the bodily systems so everything works in harmony. Symptoms are your bodies way of expressing  dis-ease and imbalances, but the root cause of your health challenges is what is causing the symptoms.

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Frederick Weight Loss Services and Programs

Roman will create a custom weight loss program for you that doesn’t focus on weight loss but on healthy eating & lifestyle.  This new eating plan will be free of restrictions and full of healthy and tasty meals that will be easy and quick to prepare. The result of this new way of eating will provide you with more energy, clearer thinking, less aches/pains and even weight loss. There’s no counting points or calories and it’s not something you do for a couple of weeks, but a change in the way you will eat for the rest of your life. It’s not a diet but a new healthy lifestyle.

Why not simply reach your healthy weight naturally rather restricting yourself with a fad diet that requires counting calories and points. These fad weight loss programs usually make you buy their expensive “food” which lacks nutrients and is full of chemicals and additives.

Frederick Herbalist

Roman  has studied herbal medicine from around the world & can share with you his extensive knowledge on a variety of herbs to help create balance and harmony. He has almost completed the Natural Healing Institute program to become a certified clinical master herbalist.

Roman can provide information on herbs that balance every system in the body including the immune system, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, liver, kidneys, brain, adrenals, hormones, etc. There have been hundreds of studies conducted which have demonstrated that there are positive benefits in using herbs for mental & physical health. 

Take the first step to a healthier and happier you by requesting an appointment or contact me for additional information. One conversation can change your life and empower you and your family. You will look back and wonder why you waited so long.

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